On Celebrating 10 000 Visitors Milestone

Dear Friend,

It's October already! About a month ago, Blogger in Beta released its feature of "Edit HTML", revealing how powerful and more straight-forward the new templating design is. Not being a hacker of the Classic Blogger, I had the advantage of looking at the new template design with a fresh, un-bias mind frame, and was able to find some good usage of the new label feature.

And that "hacking" mentality that is always in my mind, again, twist the very existence of this blog to a complete unpredicted direction. You see, this blog at the very beginning was a humble idea for me as a (controllable) place to talk about the music of one of my most admired musician, Pham Duy. I think, and many if not most of my fellow Vietnamese will agree, that Pham Duy is the most famous and influenced of 20th Vietnamese music. His 86th birthday will be on October 5th. Happy Birthday to you, Bác Phạm Duy, may your music and your legend will live for the next 300 years (300 năm nữa có ai còn khóc Tố Như?) and many more. You can sample his music here.

Back to the new template design. In my opinion, it was such an elegant and far more simpler design than the one I knew and wrote an application at work - XSLT. You can't really compare between the two actually, since XSLT is a generic one, it works for every xml file, while Blogger template is specifically designed for Blogger Beta. The new design is much simpler with far less tags to learn than the old one, and the logic of the code is far easier to understand, I felt I should start tweaking it the way I think it should deserved to be. Being a programmer with the "constructive laziness" mind frame, it's so tempting yet amazed to see new labels magically incarnated as real-time tabs. I still think it's wonderful everyday that labels can be shown as all kinds of tabs and navigation widgets, even though I know exactly how it works.

So you see, from a humble first post with a comment from my vietnamese friend, chị Minh-Thanh từ dactrung.net:

to my first two non-vietnamese friends, Ramani and Vivek:

after a bit more than a month (with the help from Buzz and Blogs of Note) this blog will reach 10000 visitors' milestone shortly with people visiting from all over the world:


indeed the blog is reaching the 10000 posts milestone fast:

As you observe, the vietnamese readers are only accounted for 3%, and my site since that first hack geared its contents more and more toward the globally english-based readers. Yesterday, I finally decided to create a separate blog (http://hoctroviet.blogspot.com) to put my vietnamese posts there. I think it's fair for all of us.

To all my readers, thank you so much for your visits. Your insightful comments and constructive opinions are what keep me going.

I find it so much enjoyable every time I visit a blog that implements one of my hacks (so please show me your blog once you complete with the hack.) It's true. I'm not in this for the fame, as I rather go with my nick name hoctro (it means pupil in vietnamese, btw) than my real name. Yet, I care about this blog's professional and technical qualities as the same level as my programs I have been writing at work. I'm in this because I truly believe that Google really wants to bring us closer together by offering us an effective, yet fun and free, communicating tool. I'm here to make that service from Blogger more enjoyable for you. And no, i'm not a Google employee :-). That's it. As long as it's still fun to do, and I can still learn a thing or two, i'm going to hack some more, i think :-)

Have a wonderful first day of October to you all and thank you for reading.