To Show or not to Show your template message

Dear Friend,

Phoenix, one of my readers, noticed that there is some sort of a message bar showing, whenever he clicks on one of the "Label" search. I noticed that too, and knowing Beta code, I thought they must have embedded this new piece of code somewhere on the Blog1 widget.

Indeed it does, and this new feature only happens to blogs that are created recently. I think this is some sort of a "wrapped-up" feature as part of their "Blogger Beta: Feature Complete!".

Here it is, the single function call which causes the message to display:

So you see, the line is inside the Blog1 widget, under the "main" includable. Turning it off is quite simple if you want to. You can either erase the line or put a pair of comment code like so:

<!-- <b:include data='top' name='status-message'/> -->

and the message will disappear from then on.



Update: Please see the comments of this post to have more info on this Beta's message usage. Thanks a bunch, Phydeaux3 & Bravery Onions!